Mistakes in life

Mistakes, mistakes, life is a journey where one can’t avoid making mistakes, and our mistakes are classified into two;
1. Reversible mistakes
2. Irreversible mistakes
For reversible mistakes we admit and apologize and purpose not to do it again. The process may involve some shame and loses but it’s worth correcting. It may have been an act or a judgement.

And for irreversible mistakes, we admit and purpose how to live with our shame for the rest of our life. It’s hurting whenever it comes up but what to do, it happened, it happened. We learn how to bare all the outcomes of this irreversible thing.

Mistakes are as a result of
1. not controlling our desires of which most are natural
2. making judgements with limited knowledge and skills.
3. Failure to listen to others- elders, parents, leaders, professionals, and religious leaders.
Some of desires;
1. Desire for money or wealth
2. Desire for food and drinks
3. Desire for power, fame, and influence
4. Desire for sex and relationships
5. Desire for marriage and children
6. Desire for control and directing
Now most of the above is natural and having the desire is no evil, but failure to control the ego behind it, normally lands us into errors and messes.

A few principles of life can help us to control our ego and the desires in us.
1. Have a God to love and fear.
2. Have a leader/mentor to guide you in life
3. Have information or knowledge to rely on at all time
4. Have friends to depend on as shock absorbers (they may not give you solutions but they’re willing to listen and share your pain).
5. Never run into anything before gathering enough information. And seek advice.
6. Respect people and always remember that you’re immortal (potential of death)
7. Always know that you can’t own it all, learn to give others an opportunity.
8. Be ready to say sorry and pay for your mistakes, and move on.

I believe with the above you will make mostly reversible mistakes and have a few regrets in life. Don’t remain in the condemnation room and fearing to admit your mistakes, accepting shame and moving on is better than dying in isolation because you want to prove some divine abilities, you’re human and mistakes are part of life, none is free of mistakes, it’s only that some are swept under the carpet, but our hearts know the truth. Do not live all your life in hiding, come out and move on. Blessed day buddies!

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