In light to the current shootings in the US schools, all the concerned people and citizens in the country need to put their heads together to combat this cowardice activity. The following stakeholders need to play their role to avoid more loses of lives among the children and other people. This problem is neither political nor racial, but it is a social challenge that needs concerted efforts to erase it completely. And you can never tell when it will befall your school district or your child. So all the American citizens should stand up to the challenge. Lets put our brains together for the safety of our children.


  1. Families/Homes
  2. Schools
  3. Gun manufacturing places
  4. The government

The above stakeholders need to play their responsibility if we are to make these shootings history in the US. And below would be my suggestions to the various stakeholders.

Suggestions for various stakeholders


Parental involvement

We are living in an Era where money and other wealth facilities have been given a first priority in everything. And I think we are forgetting the primary role as to why family was initiated by God. In my view, parents need to get back in the lives of the children; television stations and video games can’t raise our children. In all our pursuits lets get back to the children and teach them the right values o life.

Some of the values that our children need are love, sharing, forgiving, tolerance, patience, giving, and respect. Otherwise our children are exposed to a lot of movies, video games that teach our children revenge and hatred, murders, and sexual sensations. Surely we can’t get an opposite child after our children being exposed to such bewilderment. Let us spear time for our children and teach them ourselves not only school and well wishers. Parents need to know and even get involved in the lives of their friends, if possible even know the parents of these children.

Parents need to have safe places for guns, and things like safe boxes and rooms should be initiated. If possible gun boxes that open while using a code. These safety boxes should be placed at higher places that younger children cant access.

Parents should seek for psychosocial support whenever they see that their child is getting out of hands. Report to police or were the above service is provided. So that these troubled children can be readdressed before the impossible happens in the surrounding society.

And Parents can place gun safety measures within their homes to help the children learn from childhood that wrongful usage of a gun leads to death or life imprisonment. Parents should periodically seek for other people to talk to their children apart from themselves. And people that are good could be religious leaders, opinion leaders in society, and parents of their friends.


The Government should rethink of rebuilding the entrances of the schools with scanners that can detect guns, and all the bags should go through the scanners before the kids access classes, and teachers as well. And a long armored glassed pathway of at least 25ft where students go through it and it should be built with gun detectors, which must have alarms connected to a nearby police station. So that in case an alarm goes out, then a quick response from police is reinforced and at the same time all the doors automatically close.

All classes should be empowered with gun detectors and in case the alarm goes children should be given tactics to employ to avoid deaths. At the same time, schools (staff and children) should be given teachings on gun usage and safety. Gun detectors should be placed around the entire school and in buses, so that the problem can be managed from the source, other than at the crime scene.

Gun-manufacturing companies and retailers

This is one of the major stakeholders of the challenge. One of their great duties is to categorize their guns of which I am sure you do. And below could be the categorization; Domestic guns, Hunting guns, military guns, and security guns (police and TSA). This categorization would help in the purchase as one has to produce certain particulars before buying the gun, and they would tell the purpose of the gun from the day one.

The retailers should get particular information, which must be approved by the gun control center. The gun control centers should be created through the entire country to monitor the purchase and usage of guns.

The manufacturers should be able to make guns with detectors and with a tracking device at all times. Once each gun has a tracking device and a detector it would be easy to tell where the gun came from and who used it. In this matter all guns should be recalled for the above devices, and I am sure the companies can find experts to make these devices. The devices should be attached to police stations and the gun control center, so that a gun at crime can be detected up to the owner.


The government as the overall supervisor of all national issues has a very big role to play in this matter. Below are my suggestions;

  1. Make policies to regulate the above mentioned bodies in Gun manufacturing and usage. The policies should involve some penalties in wrong usage of guns and in the event of loose of a life, one should be brought to book. Though am sure this must be in place. However, some of the regulations I think about should be in line with limiting firearms in public places. And in this context I would take public places to be schools, colleges, worship places (churches, mosques, and many others), convention centers, games and sports grounds, public transport, and offices.
  2. Government should insist on all guns having trucking devices and detectors in every public place. And all the guns should be recalled for re-registration at a particular place.
  3. The government should create a gun control center, which should register, monitor and train various people on gun usage and its demerits once used poorly. Each home should declare the number of guns they own and declare whenever they own a new one.
  4. The government should revisit the family laws and allow both parents play a particular role in the lives of the children during a separation or divorce. Both parents should be made accountable regardless of their circumstances, because most kids go through a trauma when their parents separate or divorce. And in most cases their reaction to the public is negative.
  5. The government should regulate companies that make movies and video games to avoid the movies that show murders, revenge, and sexual sensation to children, if possible abolish such shows on television stations, and other telecast ventures.
  6. Parents who fail to seek for help when their kids are getting out of control should also be brought to book. So that parents get serious in managing troubled children. A report should be filled with police and a child monitored.


After all has been written, it is the responsibility of all the national citizens to protect their lives and the lives of all the others. We need to pray for the country to make better decisions in managing this monster destroying lives in this 21st century. I believe God shall uphold the nation that he started through his servants over 200yrs ago. IN GOD I TRUST!

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