continuation of knowing your identity


In the last Blog I concluded by asking us to write the story of our lives right from childhood. Writing the story of your life gives you a perspective to know where you are coming from and will help you reflect on who you are now to be able to make future judgments and decisions for your life. I know at times people just tell us to focus on our achieving but all that we want to achieve in life is strongly embedded in us knowing our identity. You need to know your temperance, character, Knowledge, relationships, and the environment. As all these play a big role in seeing you achieving whatever in life.

In the last Blog we said that our identity is built or made by three major components of life. And if I am to remind us they were Biological, Psychological, and social. I would like to  write the biological a little bit.

Biological component 

All of us in life are created in a certain way, and life has put several wordings to describe us. There words like Tall, Short, Ugly, Beautiful, Black, white, and many others. But none of us determines what they should be in the biological sense, our anatomy contributes a lot to how we feel about ourselves. You need to love how you’re created or made. I know we are in a generation that is confusing today, where some people have choose to be different from what they were originally made.

So appreciating your natural body, color, and height will contribute greatly to your achievements. Remember we all cant look the same. It doesn’t matter how much you wish to look like others, you are you, just appreciate that who you are. Love your color, height, body shape, and any other thing on your body. Just tell yourself everyday, I am beautiful or handsome, God dint make a mistake to make you the way you are, Tell yourself, I love myself. As we may do things to others to show them how much we love them, we can do the same to our lives to show our natural body that we love and appreciate it. Care for your body, stop complaining about your looks, height, color, and any other thing. You may have some deformation on you, nothing comes by a mistake, Love that which you appear to be. So describe yourself in writing and keep that information somewhere, always read it and tell yourself, I am the right person.

Stop comparing yourself to others. 

Remember you are you!!


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