knowing your identity

Who are you?

All of us at some stage of life our desire to excel, archive, grow, or have is ignited, it is always ignited by those around us right from babyhood. I always say that all people have potential to be good people or bad people. It all depends on who comes in your life, right from who births you, who parents, who educates you, who spiritualizes you, who mentors you, who motivates you, and finally who role-models you, and list can go on and on.

However, at some stage of life, and mostly at an adult age – say like twenty years (20yrs) or less one begins making personal decisions, whereby any excuse given of another person influencing your life may never be bought by people, though at this age very many people still influence us greatly. However, your decisions at that age still root in the first people that came into your life. So before we go so far, the big question is WHO ARE YOU? This is the first step to realize if one is going to reach some stage of success, development, or achievement. Or we can rephrase and say – WHO AM I? This calls for serious personal scrutiny of your life.

And in this topic I will try to give some steps in knowing your identity. Trust me I am not a pro in this but I will give you some little information that I know, and that information that has set my life on the course that am on right now. WHO ARE YOU OR WHO AM I? I will keep posting about this for the following days.

The components that make you are both Biological, Psychological, and Social. However, the ones that determine our future success or failures are more social than all the above. The Biological part only covers our anatomy, and I will not dig deep into this major component, but people are born into this world male of female, and no one determines their sex, though science is teaching us today that parents can determine the sex of their child they want. And the point is, you still do not determine what sex you should be in this short life on earth. And of-course your anatomy my hinder or motivate depending on the social and psychological  component that makes you.

Some societies have tendered to undermine or demonize or humiliate some certain people because of their natural anatomy. And for the Psychological component this also affects a lot in your identity though at times it has a lot to do with how our brains are wired or were made. However, this part of life we have got less to choose because most of it is hereditary or we learn it from those that raise us right from babyhood. The social part is also partly determined by those around us, though at some stage of life we determine our own social life. So the components that make your identity are

  1. Biological component
  2. Psychological component
  3. Social component.

And the above components eventually affect our behaviors and how we manage our life later. I remember one of my teachers in High school always told us, “it’s not about how much you gather in education, it is about how your behaviors relate to what you learn or know, that will make you successful” I will go into some limited details of all the above later.

So other questions are:- Do you know your anatomy very well? Do you agree with what life gave you? Do you know your Psychological life? Do you know your society well or do you remember the environment that brought you up, right from Home, Neighbors, the spiritual entity you attended or still attend? The friends around you and those that were in your life? Do you know or remember the people that hurt or loved you? Do you know your country and how it operates? Which schools and colleges did you attendAnd the list can go on and on. Getting some answers to the above questions will contribute greatly to you knowing your identity. Or we can put all the above questions into one sentence. WRITE THE SUMMARIZED STORY OF YOUR LIFE, FROM WHERE IT STARTED FROM. Admit some of the tough facts in your past. This will help you START the journey of knowing your identity.

So at this stage write the story! 


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